[gobolinux-users] Scripts 2.1.19; Compile 1.2.3

Andre Detsch detsch at gobolinux.org
Wed Jan 5 13:53:17 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 03:18, Michael Homer wrote:
> The speed
> factor in calling FindPackage iteratively for every /Programs entry does
> add up, especially on slow machines like mine (it takes just over three
> minutes). Definitely very useful for a stripped bare-bones system
> without Ruby or X installed, since it only needs zsh and Python.

Anyone tried to use 'ShowPackages'? I mentioned it in a previous email 
http://www.wotfun.com/pipermail/gobolinux-users/2004-November/000089.html (*)

It is still inside the Manager package, but his functionality is quite 
general. Internally, it uses GetAvaliable, GetInstalled and GuessLatest. 

ShowPackages installed '<' recipe,official_package,local_package

lists packages where the higher installed version is lower than the higher 
available recipe, official or local package.

ShowPackages --report-missing installed '>' official_package,contrib_package

lists packages where the higher installed version is higher than the higher 
available official or contrib package (aka, packages that could be 

ShowPackages recipe '<' tracked

recipes that can be updated (NewVersion) because there exists a new version 
for that program.

ShowPackages recipe '>' official_package

packages that could be compiled and updated based on available recipes.

And so on...

The short term TODO list for that script is 
 - adding a decent --help;
 - adding option to use -gt, -le and so on for those that don't like to use 
 - using directories defined at GetAvailable.conf for local_packages
 - maybe changing the name to something like ListPackages or a better name 

> *Actually, I suppose this comes from using 'sort' to order them, so e.g.
> v3.2>3.10, and 5.0a>5.0. Surprising that it's so much though.
You can use GuessLatest to avoid this behaviour, for example, instead of:
  newnewver=$(( echo $ver ; echo $newver ) | sort -n | tail -1)
  newnewver=`GuessLatest $ver $newver`

Another small issue: I think the use of $stable is not correct in 
SuggestUpdates. The '-s' switch in FindPackage means '--substring'. Adding a 
switch for '--stable' is easy. Funcionality is already implemented at 
'GuessLatest' (where -s means '--stable').

André Detsch

(*) URL is returning (110) Connection timed out here. Google cache is ok:
google: gobolinux showpackages

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