[gobolinux-users] status

Mika Pesu pmika at japo.fi
Sun Jan 9 07:27:16 GMT 2005

Carlo J. Calica wrote:

>>> any chance to get current release installed to sata(via controller)
>>> drive? by scsi emu? whats the kernel used in cd image?
>> As far as I know, 011 image does not recognize SATA drives correctly. 
>> I can't remember the details, but a guy at the University had some 
>> trouble trying to do that. Be sure we will try to fix this issue, and 
>> help on this will be appreciated. I think using scsi emulation is 
>> enough make things work, but cannot ensure this.
> before i start downloading current iso,i'd like to know that is there
> SCSI emulation was removed in 2.6.  Supporting SCSI (I think SATA is 
> handled by the scsi subsystem) needs an initrd that contains all the 
> kernel drivers.  It should also have a linuxrc script that loads the 
> appropriate driver, mounts the root partition and pivot_root's it.  
> You can test all of that except the driver loading part.  There is a 
> release of hotplug for initrd's which you may want to look into.
> I tried to do this on my first install.  After a day I gave up and 
> tossed a IDE drive in it.  I can help/test this.

i got my gobolinux installed by using another distro and using 
ProfileInstall found on cdrom to install on another partition.

i'm now on my way to make amd64 port of gobolinux. i couldnt build a 
cross compiling toolchain to bootstrap new gobol.
so i used debian amd64 port as base and followed quick and dirty porting 
guide found on the website.

so far i have Compile Scripts stuff working and starting to install base 
packages(following LFS chapters), but failed on glibc.
have to look on that next week,have to take a little break to start 
reading for exams next week.

heres little questions/implementation ideas for gobolinux, some of them 
might been implemented but bear with me:
    -arch flags to config (march mcpu mtune)
       -its easy to just set CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS, but easier to set in 
    -cross compile flags to config
       -host and target flags on config
          -i think i saw something on compile but it didnt work for me, 
i think the flags was set wrong(it wasnt using host and target flags?)

    -this could be own script to bootstrap gobol on diffrent partition.
    -build (cross-)compile toolchain
    -build base using compile toolchain
    -chroot to new gobol and start compiling packages,using Compile
    -this shouldnt be one huge script rather break it into few stages
        -stage 0
            - build (cross-)compile toolchain
        -stage 1
            - build base using toolchain
        -stage 2
            - chroot and start compiling packages
    -above stages might not be complete to get thing working,its just to 
open up the discussion for this kind of feature

    -as of now packages has arch(i686) on the filename to indicate what 
is used in compiling. expand this to support other archs
       for example amd64 package cant be installed(well can be installed 
but probably doesnt run) on i686. scripts should check this if the arch 
is lower or equal to arch currently in use.
    -scripts(packages like Scripts,Compile that are made by scripting 
language) should be renamed in way that it has noarch or similiar flag 
to indicate it can be installed on any arch platform.
    -Theres a script on homepage,i havent checked it out yet but expand 
if needed to create iso from scratch(result of the bootstrap phase) and 
add installer to it.

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