[gobolinux-users] AMD64 port

Carlo J. Calica carlo at calica.com
Mon Jan 10 22:16:24 GMT 2005

Fabio Mierlo wrote:

>On Sun, 09 Jan 2005 18:22:48 -0800, Carlo J. Calica <carlo at calica.com> wrote:
>>Have you given any thought to multi-arch support?  Mixing 64 and 32 bit
>>packages in /Programs would result in conflicts.  A separate /Programs32
>>would almost work.  These items would be linked in /S/Links as normal
>>except lib would go in Libraries32.  The problem is Settings and
>>Variable.  This issue is similar to installing packages in the users
>>home dir.  It'd be interested in hearing any suggestions.
>>Another option is do it backwards.  Keep /Programs 32bit and add
>>/Programs64.  Is it possible to use a 64bit kernel and only a 32bit
>>userland?  Then you could create your toolchain and start moving apps to
>>64bit.  This also avoids the above problem with Settings and Variable.
>>This is mostly workable except most of the installed programs would live
>>in /Programs64 which is somewhat ugly.
>Hi, how about installing the 32 bit program in /Program32 and make
>links in /Programs, like X.Org link?
>This links still in /Programs while there is not port for that application
>or for a specific version.
When I woke up this morning I had the solution.  32 bit in /Programs32.  
Create the name dir and inside  link the Settings and Variable dirs and 
ignore the version.  If we were to link the version it would mix 32/64 

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