[gobolinux-users] AMD64 port

Mikolaj Habdank mecat at wp.pl
Tue Jan 11 17:40:25 GMT 2005

I think that best way is to create "pure 64" mode.

I have tried mixed enviroments (fedora/gentoo) and i know that there are
a lot of problems with it. The best way is to stay pure 32 (if you need
macromedia flash player:) or pure 64. Chroot is best seperation. If you
mix configuration for 64 and 32 you should remember that some conf files
are difrent for 32 and 64 (some features will not compile on 64 and
those will be disabled in conf).

We shouldn't create Progs32 an Progs64. We also should not create
Porgs->Progs64. It has no sens because everybody knows that main
objectives is to finalize migration to 64 (please - do not start
disscusion about problem of slower 64 bit applications). So it is only
temporary state.

Now i am testing pure 64 based on LFS, but with recipes added (still far
away to be called Gobo64).

> Fabio Mierlo wrote:
> >On Sun, 09 Jan 2005 18:22:48 -0800, Carlo J. Calica <carlo at calica.com> wrote:
> >  
> >
> >>Have you given any thought to multi-arch support?  Mixing 64 and 32 bit
> >>packages in /Programs would result in conflicts.  A separate /Programs32
> >>would almost work.  These items would be linked in /S/Links as normal
> >>except lib would go in Libraries32.  The problem is Settings and
> >>Variable.  This issue is similar to installing packages in the users
> >>home dir.  It'd be interested in hearing any suggestions.
> >>
> >>Another option is do it backwards.  Keep /Programs 32bit and add
> >>/Programs64.  Is it possible to use a 64bit kernel and only a 32bit
> >>userland?  Then you could create your toolchain and start moving apps to
> >>64bit.  This also avoids the above problem with Settings and Variable.
> >>This is mostly workable except most of the installed programs would live
> >>in /Programs64 which is somewhat ugly.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Hi, how about installing the 32 bit program in /Program32 and make
> >links in /Programs, like X.Org link?
> >
> >This links still in /Programs while there is not port for that application
> >or for a specific version.
> >  
> >
> When I woke up this morning I had the solution.  32 bit in /Programs32.  
> Create the name dir and inside  link the Settings and Variable dirs and 
> ignore the version.  If we were to link the version it would mix 32/64 
> bits. 
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