[gobolinux-users] AMD64 port

Mika Pesu pmika at japo.fi
Tue Jan 11 17:58:21 GMT 2005

Mikolaj Habdank wrote:

>I think that best way is to create "pure 64" mode.
>I have tried mixed enviroments (fedora/gentoo) and i know that there are
>a lot of problems with it. The best way is to stay pure 32 (if you need
>macromedia flash player:) or pure 64. Chroot is best seperation. If you
>mix configuration for 64 and 32 you should remember that some conf files
>are difrent for 32 and 64 (some features will not compile on 64 and
>those will be disabled in conf).
>We shouldn't create Progs32 an Progs64. We also should not create
>Porgs->Progs64. It has no sens because everybody knows that main
>objectives is to finalize migration to 64 (please - do not start
>disscusion about problem of slower 64 bit applications). So it is only
>temporary state.
>Now i am testing pure 64 based on LFS, but with recipes added (still far
>away to be called Gobo64).
i agree,pure 64 and chroot for 32 if needed.
i tryed fedora and gentoo too,havent tested pure 64 yet. are there 
downloadable isos for the pure 64 you are testing?

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