[gobolinux-users] compiling gambas

Hisham H. Muhammad hisham at inf.puc-rio.br
Wed Jan 12 00:17:43 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 11 January 2005 22:04, zika wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck compiling Gambas http://gambas.sourceforge.net/ ?
> I've tried but compinig just dies with error 1?

Just tried it. It's a bug in Gambas' makefile. It does not respect the 
--prefix set in configure and tries to write to /usr/bin. Haven't got around 
to write a patch to it yet.. feel free to beat me to it, it should be an easy 
fix. And if you do it, send it to the Gambas author -- to be honest, I was 
just about to leave now, so I don't plan on fixing it just now (I was just 
compiling it out of curiosity).

-- Hisham

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