[gobolinux-users] ALSA recipes

Lucas Correia Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Sat Jan 15 18:51:38 GMT 2005

On Saturday 15 January 2005 16:14, MJ Ray wrote:
> Lucas wrote:
> > My configure didn't have set oss emulation, IIRC. I think it's a good
> > thing= to=20
> > have these options configured explicitly.
> Why don't you want to use aoss instead of oss emulation modules
> for the few useful applications yet to be ported? Then you
> can get mixing to work more easily IIRC.

I had to use the oss emulation modules for some games (Exult needed that, I 
guess). But I'll give a look at aoss on the next time.


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