[gobolinux-users] Manager cool feature

Evandro Clivatti Dall'Agnol evandrocd at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 05:55:31 GMT 2005

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 13:52:56 -0200 (BRDT), Hisham Hashem Muhammad
<hisham at inf.puc-rio.br> wrote:
> > On Wednesday 26 January 2005 18:43, Evandro Clivatti Dall'Agnol wrote:
> >> Hi all,
> >>
> >> a cool feature in Manger (at least to me) would be to have an extra
> >> menu item labeled "Notes" for personal notes about the installation,
> >> personal remembers and things like that. What do you think?
> >
> > Hey, this is a good idea! The notes could be kept somewhere like
> > Resources/PersonalNotes.. There were several packages on which I had to
> > save
> > stuff about it. Detsch, what do you think? Is it too hard to add this
> > feature
> > now, or are you considering Manager "feature freeze" until 012 is out?
> I don't like the idea of storing "personal info" inside the Resources
> directory (risk of shipping packages with PersonalNotes in it). If you go
> on with this, please use some other location, such as
> ~/.Settings/Manager/Notes.

I dislike the idea of shipping these notes too. Until now, the gobo
$HOME were not much used, but I think it makes sense to use it as the
notes are about administration and the admin in fact is gobo/root.

> -- Hisham
> stuck in a qwerty keyboard

setxkbmap? :)

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