[gobolinux-users] Re: gobolinux for simple users

Bojan zika at lova.every1.net
Sat Jan 29 01:10:02 GMT 2005

Philippe Landau <lists <at> user-land.org> writes:

> hello
> are there plans to make gobolinux work for simple users,
> making everything available without ever touching the cli,
> starting from the installation trough the configuration ?

well, installation of gobolinux is in gui. there is also manager:
gui for adding /removing programs.

> also, does your concept of linux
> make dependency problems a thing of the past
> and does it make an installation last practically forever ?
Not really. But it is easier to see which version of programs/libs you have.
Each program is placed in its folder, so files are not
scattered everywhere.

> what is your relationship with similar linux distros ?

which ones?

> kind regards     philippe

note: I am not a developer.

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