[gobolinux-users] SATA drives not detected

RAJ rajkumar_chunkymails at rediffmail.com
Mon Jun 13 15:57:53 GMT 2005

Dear sir,
        From the command line i could load the module sd_mod using 

modprobe sd_mod

This creates device files /dev/sda but /dev/sdb doesnot got created.But with this i could format the single harddrive at a time and then change the boot priority and format the next hardrive.

Thanks a lot it worked . 


On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 Lucas Correia Villa Real wrote :
>On Sunday 12 June 2005 11:05, RAJ wrote:
> > Dear sir,
> >         We had downloaded Gobolinux 012 and tried installing in the machine
> > which has two SATA drives , but the drives are not getting detected. The
> > /dev folder doesnot have sd* type of devices. I had even tried udevstart
> > from command line ,but there is no effect for this command.
> >
> > I experienced similar problem when tried with GoboLinux 012 beta. But After
> > executing the command udevstart from the command line , i found that the
> > device files sda/sdb got created. I formatted the system and recompiled the
> > kernel to SATA device support built in.
> >
> > Can anyone suggest me a better way to install Gobo 012 in the same machine.
>Yes. I've installed 012 on a SATA machine on the last week. First, make sure
>that you only have SATA, and not PATA+SATA configured on the Bios.
>After 012 boots and launches the shell, execute:
>$ modprobe sd_mod
>$ udevstart
>These commands will load the SCSI disk driver and will tell udev to create
>the /System/Kernel/Devices entries. After doing that, just create your
>partitions and launch Installer.
>One detail: after getting installed, the '/'  entry was not created on fstab.
>I had to mount the target partition again into /Mount/GoboLinux (in the
>LiveCD) and manually add the root filesystem into it:
># Root partition.
>/System/Kernel/Devices/sda1 / reiserfs defaults 0 0
>Save the file, umount the partition and reboot your machine. Voilà!
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