[gobolinux-users] Unionfs to replace sandbox?

Nick Matteo kundor at kundor.org
Tue Oct 11 22:40:32 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 11 October 2005 18:06, Bill Burdick wrote:
> Hey, great to see that you guys are thinking of going the unionfs
> route.  IMHO, that's the 'right' way to do it!


I just need to get around to actually finishing a proof-of-concept 
implementation!  It seems I am always just a little too busy.

I was thinking about the /System/Kernel/Modules thing.  Unionfs may be too 
slow to do the /System/Links with it.  But how about using it for /S/K/M?  
That should work for module loading, since it will not be symlinked, but 
modules will be removed with their packages.  To keep it up to date we'd just 
need a Listener rule, such that whenever a program is installed, it checks if 
it has a Modules subdirectory and if so, adds it to the bindmount.

Problem:  The unionfs would need to be setup before any modules need to be 
loaded.  Is that possible with a initramfs?


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