[gobolinux-users] Re: A Few Questions

Lucas Correia Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Mon Oct 17 21:58:07 GMT 2005

On Sunday 16 October 2005 06:47, rotem zach wrote:
> I recently reinstalled GoboLinux 012 on my system. I was
> wonderign a few things:
> 1. Is there currently a revision system for Recipes and
> Packages? (i saw an email asking what format)

The revision is done by manually reviewing patches and the recipe. 
I've been working on a recipe checker, but in the meantime I'm 
still doing that by hand. We cannot compile every contributed 
recipe yet, since we don't have a dedicated machine with 012 
installed for that purpose. Of course having a compile farm (or 
even a simple but dedicated machine) could make things better.

> 2. Is there a page documenting all the custom GoboLinux scripts
> and their usage?

There's a good documentation of the scripts on the GoboLinux 
Documentation Project at the WIKI (http://gobolinux.org/kb).

> 3. Bug tracking system. I couldn't find a bnug trackign system
> (ie. bugzilla) on the website. I think that having one would
> really boost bug squashing and tracking new features.

We don't have one yet.. for now, all the bugs are being reported on 
the mailing list or in the 'Reports on 012' entry on the WIKI.

> 4. How can I help?

Oh, there's so many things to do.. :-)
You can start by helping on the documentation, and by testing the 
system and doing fixes and enhancing the scripts, if you feel 
comfortable programming.


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