[gobolinux-users] IO Slaves Problem

Fabio Mierlo geromao at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 16:28:50 GMT 2005

Go to /System/Links/Libraries and link
kde3/kcm_fontinst.la there, just to see
if the problem is in the path.

As "gobo":
cd /System/Links/Libraries
ln -nfs kd3/kcm_fontinst.la

On 10/17/05, rotem zach <rotemz at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can not get io slaves to work. One of the errors are "library files for
> "kcm_fontinst.la" not found in paths". That file is here :
> /Programs/KDE-Base/Current/lib/kde3/.
>  Thanks,
>  Rotem Zach
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