[gobolinux-users] Re: gobolinux-users Digest, Vol 13, Issue 6

Vincent . mkdm_2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 22:56:12 GMT 2005

Hi Lucas,

On Saturday 15 October 2005 02:13, Vincent . wrote:
> Release 012 seems to be missing SCSI drivers for the
> LSI Logic Fusion-MPT chipset (note, not the same as
> MegaRAID).  Since my CD-ROM is attached to this
> controller, Gobo fails to boot.

> Is this driver available for the kernel shipped on 
>012? We have 
>compiled every SCSI driver as a module for that ISO,
>so if it's  there, doing a modprobe + udevstart is

I'm not sure if it's available or there.  The issue is
more along the lines that it's not loaded at first
boot, so the CD-ROM drive cannot be found.

dmesg shows a message "cannot identify the file format
of the CD".  Note: dmesg does not show enumeration of
the SCSI devices or the optical drives.

Further down I get:

chroot: cannot execute /usr/bin/env:  No such file or

I then get a RAMDISK prompt and typing in modprobe I
get: "could not parse modules.dep"

I had this same problem with Ubuntu 5.04 .  I had to
get someone to send me the LSI FusionMPT SCSI modules
and when the Ubuntu installer choked, I went to a
command prompt, insmod the modules, then told the
installer to go back and search for a CD-ROM.

Note:  The CD-ROM/SCSI hardware is fine, Ubuntu is
currently working on this machine (I re-compiled the
kernel and added in support for my SCSI card) and I
have no issues with anything SCSI related.

>If it doesn't work, you can add an entry into the
>'Reports on 012' 
>section of our wiki at http://gobolinux.org/kb.

I guess I will do that.  I think that the Kernel needs
to be compiled with the Fusion driver in it so those
machines that have the CD-ROM attached to the SCSI
card can get to the next state of the Live CD.


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