[gobolinux-users] Unionfs to replace sandbox?

Narcoleptic Electron narcoleptic.electron at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 00:36:18 GMT 2005

On 10/17/05, MJ Ray <mjr at phonecoop.coop> wrote:
> Please don't use gmail on mailing lists. It base64-encodes emails
> which don't need base64'ing.

It can be set to use UTF-8 for all outgoing emails.  Once logged into
Gmail, click the "Settings" link at the top, third from the right, and
find the "Outgoing message encoding" section in the "General" tab. 
Note two radio buttons: "Use default text encoding for outgoing
messages" and "Use Unicode (UTF-8) encoding for outgoing messages". 
Ensure that the latter one is selected.

If this message is Base64-encoded, then disregard everything that I've
just said...

> There are plenty of other webmails.

Gmail is far and away the best, IMO.  No need to discard it based on a
poorly-chosen default setting (or MJ Ray's non-standard client

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