[gobolinux-users] Re: Redistribution greyzone with Java

Carlo Calica ccalica at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 19:11:44 GMT 2005

On 9/2/05, Hisham Muhammad <hisham.hm at gmail.com> wrote:
> My take:
> I think we should do the same as Debian. If we want to have an
> easy-to-install way to make Sun's Java available for our users, a nice
> way is to write a J2RE-Installer script, and then that can have a
> recipe/package (not containing the J2RE itself).
> The same could then be done for other proprietary packages (Flash, Nvidia).

Agree completely.  I don't think we need a seperate Installer script
package.  It could be part of Scripts or a special type of Compile

> Licensing issues:
> I think Compile and InstallPackage should have a "license acceptance"
> step. Before you say, "hey! that's cumbersome", let me add that I
> think they should also have a configuration file with a list of
> 'pre-accepted licenses' (listing by default GPL, LGPL, etc.) so that
> it wouldn't work very differently from the way it does today, except
> that the user would be informed of unusual licenses.
> The to-do list grows and grows....

It is still cumbersome to ensure that each package/recipe has the
correct license.  From a legal standpoint, we should but....  A
simpler solution is a "non-free" store where the license is specified.

Carlo J. Calica

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