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Carlo Calica ccalica at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 21:29:18 GMT 2005

On 9/10/05, MJ Ray <mjr at phonecoop.coop> wrote:
> Why not a collection-package which has only a README itself and just
> Resources/Dependencies listing the other packages?

Easiest way to do it.  Needs some work from a user interaction perspective.  

1. InstallPackage would query if you wanted to install every missing
item from the dependency tree.  Ideally, the first level children
would be automatic and grandchildren would be queried.

2. It would have now easy way to remove the collection as a whole.

3. I can see some instances (off-line use) where it would be nice to
have the collection as a single tarball.  Not sure if this is common
enough to be a design criteria.

4. Selecting collection.  Probably stored in a separate package store
(next to official/contrib).  Should they be installed in /Programs or
else where?

30 sec solution:
a. Define a Resources/Collection which is identical to
Res/Dependencies.  Add support to InstallPackage and RemoveProgram.
b. Add 'is_collection=yes' recipe type to Compile.  Mainly copy
Resources and may a src to prefix
c. Add switch to CreatePackage to scan Res/Collection and include
those in tarball. (ugly hack)

alternate solution:
a. Add sections to Res/Dependencies.  Mod InstallPackage, etc.  Could
be useful beyond collections.  Something like .ini section:
Foo 1.0
Bar 1.2
Baz 0.1
b. Could just use manifest recipe type (ugly)
c. Something better... :-)

There are about a dozen ways to do this depending on how it appears to
the user.  Users, yes you LURKING in the corners, speak up.  We need
you input.  We also need volunteers to create and maintain these

> > 5. Creating global dependencies database file would be advisable.
> Dependencies break, either by getting to an unresolvable position
> or by corrupt/incomplete database files. Is this complicating a
> simple system?
how about (script broken in many ways but shows the data is there.):
cat >FindDependants


fgrep $me /Programs/*/Current/Resources/Dependencies | cut -d : -f 1
#| sed "convert filename to packagename"

WRT meta packages:  They're for specific instances where individual
tarballs have individual build steps but they must install into the
same prefix.  Their use should be minimized because they break
dependencies.  I would prefer if meta recipe's children where stored
in the meta recipe and not the recipe store to avoid confusion.

Carlo J. Calica

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