[gobolinux-users] Recap: Orthodox versus Reformist attitudes

Koen Weddepohl Koen.Weddepohl at phil.uu.nl
Wed Sep 14 18:51:20 GMT 2005

Przemysław Pawełczyk wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 of September 2005 19:27, Koen Weddepohl wrote:
>>Rereading this, it sounds a bit arrogant. This will probably not go down
> Hi,
> I know the e-mail subject was an overkill in such small community. I wrote 
> about serious problems (to me) but I wrapped it in lighter form. Perhaps 
> smiley here and there would better reveal my intentions. I only hope I didn't 
> offend or hurt anyone. I read all the letters and I am sad, really sad.
I did miss your true intentions, yes. (The "it sounds a bit arrogant" 
referred to my own e-mail, though) It seemed like you were barging in 
and demanding that the whole structure of GoboLinux would be 
reorganised. This didn't go down very well with me, especially because 
some people on the mailing list had really been pushing my buttons. I 
like to think most of my e-mail was pretty friendly and to-the-point, 

> And instead constructive efforts that could be done to help me as a 
> user my remarks are treated as coup d'etat against GoboLinux. Sad. The first 
> time in my life (in Linux world).
I think people on the mailing list would love to help with your 
problems, even if we disagree with your proposed solutions.


Koen Weddepohl

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