[gobolinux-users] ROX 2.3 recipe

Andreas Köhler andi5.py at gmx.net
Thu Sep 15 11:16:10 GMT 2005


I just want to express some of my thoughts while reading all these
threads. Since I am very new to gobo I cannot be taken as an
insider. And I will try to make some smilies here and there =)

First of all, maybe I just get you wrong, like MJ Ray mentioned (did
he, or did he mean something different ;-)) in the grandparent post.

Quoting Jonas Karlsson: "GoboLinux is not for everyone to use.
Either you are a masochist or a hardcore linux user :)". I want to
second that. GoboCommunity is not the biggest, but there is a lot of
software that wants to be GoboReciped. So there is enough food for

I would have been very impressed, if that did not mean missing,
outdated, imperfect or non-functional recipes and packages. Since I
like Compile'ing I do not mind recipes without binary packages,
maybe this is due to recipe authors (like me ;-)) that prefer
installing from tarballs.

Oh, and of course we could always need better documentation, Manager
(would love to see it AbsTk'ed or GTK+ed :D), Scripts and more. What
I do not see at high priority are a new logo, wiki pictures or
DEB/RPM/Ebuild support :) (Rather take these "processed, well
organized" packages and look how they were built and what they need
as a help to make it here :))

So everybody has something to do here, may it just by finding or
fixing problems (i highly appreciate that). Some of us will probably
also need to earn money ;-) I do not think that GoboCommunity is a
service provider, when somebody needs something and is not capable
of creating it himself, he has to ask politely, just as you did in
some post. This is open source development here and I think this
software is always for scratching ones itches, is not it? I am fine

Some other posts could have been labelled noise :D I do not want to
offend you, I tend to wish peace all around me :) I even reprieved
the spider yesterday ;-)

Just try to reread your posts before pressing the "Send" button.
Thank you :)

> > I don't think "Your Recipe sucks" is polite, so... :-D
> Right, it'd be "The Recipe sucks", less personally. I'll keep that in mind.

Who did you mean by "You"? Jonatan Liljedahl (seems to be the
author), MJ Ray or me? Maybe whole GoboCommunity? ;-)

> Anyway I badly need the apps I listed in "I need ROX binaries". I hope (should 
> I hopped?) the IceWM Profile won't be arts for art's sake in itself but it'll 
> find its way into official profile list.

Oh, here you mention the post :D

Maybe you would be more successful if you critized new recipes along
your way more constructively? If I were to help you, I would like to
hear some sort of "Thanks", but do not mind ;)

Feel free to eat me alive for this email :D

Hope that helps (stolen without shame)

-- andi5

PS: I did not build it, but I could imagine that Shared-Mime-INFO
    does not contain libraries, so it will not be recognized as
    dependency by the automatical generation. One more reason to go
    for manual deps when grewing =)

PS2: I really hope you get my point without further assistance :)

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