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Jonas Karlsson jonka750 at student.liu.se
Thu Sep 22 20:56:44 GMT 2005

On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 14:17:08 +0200, warpman <warpman at kv.net.pl> wrote:

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> Jonas Karlsson napisa?(a):
>> On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 10:54:18 +0200, warpman <warpman at kv.net.pl> wrote:
>>> Hisham Muhammad wrote:
>>>> I'm happy to announce today another step in the growth of GoboLinux: a
>>>> developers mailing list.
>>> Hi Hisham,
>>> OT. I beg your pardon to write to you here but I got no answers from
>>> anyone from Gobo community on new mirror.
>>> Why my information put to forum a few days ago and to web maintainer
>>> (gobo at gobolinux.org) about new mirror site on Sunsite in Warsaw didn't
>>> find its way into downloads page
>>> (http://www.gobolinux.org/index.php?lang=en_US&page=downloads) in
>>> Gobo  WWW?
>> The URL you refer to is the mirror list for ISOs. Probably you didn't
>> state clear enough that you also wanted to mirror the ISOs.
> Hi,
> That means no one did give a damn to look at the address (excerpt from
> my e-mail):

Well to quote you:

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005 12:55:10 +0200, warpman <warpman at kv.net.pl> wrote:

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> Hi,
> I asked sunsite.icm.edu.pl for GoboLinux update and
> recipe/packages/official/conttrib repository.

Here you say that you are setting up a mirror for recipes and official and  
contributed packages. I could no see, anywhere in that e-mail, that you  
were to host the ISOs as well. Therefore people thought that you only  
would host the repositories. A wrong assumption it seems, but it was  
correct with the fact presented.
GoboLinux is still a small community and people still put trust in what  
other people say.

> Welcome to new mirror site in Central Europe:  :)
> ftp://sunsite.icm.edu.pl/pub/Linux/dist/gobolinux/

Thank you! :)

>> I cannot speak for Hisham, but my interpretation of the announcement is
>> that it is for everyone, especially those that are interrested in the
>> development of GoboLinux. The list is open for everyone.
> Just to clear up linguistic complexities:
> development of GoboLinus = in holistic aspect
> or
> development of GoboLinus = in terms of programming?
I dont think it's an xor approach, but it involves both development of  
GoboLinux' elements (Scripts and such) as well as development of GoboLinux  
as a whole.


PS. I am a real person, not a fantasy figure of Hisham. If you were  
offended that I replied to your e-mail addressed to Hisham, shouldn't I be  
offended when you repudiate me as an own person. Please think before you  
come with such accusations.

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