[gobolinux-users] My ideas for GoboLinux #014

Martin Baldan martinobal at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 16:40:59 UTC 2006

Dear Viola (or is it "dear Zoltán"?)

On 12/3/06, Viola Zoltán <violazoli at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Martin, for "internationalize" I think not for the non-english
> directory-names: The "programs", "sytem", etcetera directory names is my
> very, total good. I think only for the full UTF-8 encoding, for the
> non-english characters. (In my hungarian language is the folloing special
> characters: áéíűúőóüö, ÁÉÍŰÚŐÓÜÖ). And, the I18N-hu files... This special
> characters need be in the console charset.

Oh, alright, then. I've seen a discussion about internationalised directory
names in  the gobolinux knowledge base, and I think a proposed
implementation was to do it in GoboHide, hence the confusion.Anyway, I still
don't see what UTF-8 support has to do with what GoboHide does, and why it
will be implemented there.

For the good downloading of the DVD-version, I think, this is need available
> with bittorrent.
> And I think, most Gobo-Users have not interessing for the games, also I
> mean, in the base-version not need be games, nothing games, but need make a
> plus, special game-CD (or DVD), with games. And, I think, the OpenOffice
> need be in the same special CD: the hungarian peoples (for example I...) use
> the special, national OOo and all peoples have the own OOo, also the peoples
> use non the english OOo version! If the 014 is available, I will not install
> the english OOo, I install my hungarian OOo! The OOo package is too big, and
> I think, this is not need in the base-CD (or DVD): her make bigger
> download-time, make over time!

Fair enough. But there could be something like Debian's net installation,
that is, you download a small cd, and get a rich sellection of packages from
the internet afterwards, without having to explicitly install every one of
them. I mean, something like good big metapackages.

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