[gobolinux-users] My ideas for GoboLinux #014

Viola Zoltán violazoli at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 17:11:19 UTC 2006

Dear Martin,

Newly a-little for the UTF-8 and the special (inter)national characters: I
need, the special characters (for ekzample "ő, ű" should be not only "be" in
the charset - I can make directory names and filenames using this special
characters, for ekzample directory with the following names:

"példák" (= in english: ekzamples)
"JÓ_ZENÉK" (=in english: "GOOD MUSICS")

and the system should good, correct work with this filenames!

Others: My name is Viola Zoltán, but in the hungarian language is others
name-order, why in english. My name in English-order is Zoltán Viola, but in
Hungrary nothing people say that. The "Dear Viola" and the "Dear Zoltán",
and "Dear Zoli" is all correct. The "Dear Viola" is total official, the
"Dear Zoli" is used by friends, the "Dear Zoltán" is "neutral".

I think, the Gobo-users should by friends.


2006/12/3, Martin Baldan <martinobal at gmail.com>:
> Dear Viola (or is it "dear Zoltán"?)
> On 12/3/06, Viola Zoltán <violazoli at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Dear Martin, for "internationalize" I think not for the non-english
> > directory-names: The "programs", "sytem", etcetera directory names is my
> > very, total good. I think only for the full UTF-8 encoding, for the
> > non-english characters. (In my hungarian language is the folloing special
> > characters: áéíűúőóüö, ÁÉÍŰÚŐÓÜÖ). And, the I18N-hu files... This special
> > characters need be in the console charset.
> Oh, alright, then. I've seen a discussion about internationalised
> directory names in  the gobolinux knowledge base, and I think a proposed
> implementation was to do it in GoboHide, hence the confusion.Anyway , I
> still don't see what UTF-8 support has to do with what GoboHide does, and
> why it will be implemented there.
> For the good downloading of the DVD-version, I think, this is need
> > available with bittorrent.
> >
> > And I think, most Gobo-Users have not interessing for the games, also I
> > mean, in the base-version not need be games, nothing games, but need make a
> > plus, special game-CD (or DVD), with games. And, I think, the OpenOffice
> > need be in the same special CD: the hungarian peoples (for example I...) use
> > the special, national OOo and all peoples have the own OOo, also the peoples
> > use non the english OOo version! If the 014 is available, I will not install
> > the english OOo, I install my hungarian OOo! The OOo package is too big, and
> > I think, this is not need in the base-CD (or DVD): her make bigger
> > download-time, make over time!
> Fair enough. But there could be something like Debian's net installation,
> that is, you download a small cd, and get a rich sellection of packages from
> the internet afterwards, without having to explicitly install every one of
> them. I mean, something like good big metapackages.
> --Martin
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