[gobolinux-users] Source repositories and other suggestions

Martin Baldan martinobal at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 00:41:18 UTC 2006

On 12/4/06, Michael Homer <gobo-users-dufus at wotfun.com> wrote:
> The system knows, yes (in a sense, more below), but you're proposing
> to have it execute your code when that happens. That's kernel-patch
> territory. Otherwise, you've got to wrap them.

Well, I'd rather do some kernel patching than wrap every application

At the DE level applications are launched by a wrapper (the shell). So
the shell can display indications that something's opening, or that
> it's done, because you told the shell before it was launched (by
> picking from a menu, say) and because the shell is the parent process
> of the application.

So, even zsh can be the wrapper. You don't need X, just a terminal. Or you
can have a DE do the job. That pretty much covers all the wrapping needed,
doesn't it. Kernel patch would probably be overkill.

Sending a negative vote if the program ends abnormally is
> semi-reasonable; the other's a bit of an assumption. It's a bit of an
> assumption either way really; what about programs that are expected to
> return a failure status code in normal operation? Examples: grep (no
> match), gcc (compile failed), anything with mandatory parameters.

So, a user can't distinguish when grep found nothing, from when grep is
broken? How do they find out when it's broken then? Anyway, all the apps
that show a nice popup in other distros when they break (which are kinda all
desktop user apps) can send a report in Gobolinux. Having this service for
absolutely every program is desirable, but not vital.

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