[gobolinux-users] Mouse not working

Mathias Maranhão scouter_mathias at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 13:34:47 UTC 2006

Hello to all fellows, I'm Mathias and am starting with gnu/linux 'way of 
life'. :P
I'm using some simple distros, as I still a beginner... I'm currently using 
a brazilian distro based on Knoppix (so everything, even my ISP 
configuration was detected...the reason which lead me using this speciffic 
But, I think that linux should have many changes to become friendly with 
common people. So, one point that (in my opinion) should be imporeved in all 
Distros is the gobolinux directory tree. I still have some other thought but 
this is not the right place....
So, I was trying to check what gobolinux has to offer. I downloaded the 
livecd and burned... I was very excited... Then KDE started, loaded... and 
my problem began.
My mouse worked for a few seconds (very tiny ones). But suddendly (and here 
comes the prob) it stopped moving. Everything was working but the mouse. :(
So I sent a translation to Gobolinux ppl and also asked some help. Which i 
got trully fast and I must ask Lucas for that... He said about [esc] Xorg 
while loading... but I couldn't do it. :/ Well with KDE loaded I went to (so 
intuitive man...) /Programs/Xorg/Settings/X11/xorg.conf and saw the file.. 
Seems to me the file is ok...
says like:
... "mouse0" "corepointer"
... "keyboard0" "corekeyboard"...

and the keyboard was working...

Well, sorry for the bad english, for the confusing text.. But pls m8s help 
me. :(

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