[gobolinux-users] A brief report and some questions

Jonatan Liljedahl lijon at kymatica.com
Sun Dec 10 15:20:22 UTC 2006

Benjamin Bruheim wrote:
> This system gives me a few ideas on what to do in the long term with
> this install, and I feel like ranting about two of them.
> First I'd like to find a way between Gnome and KDE. Both of them have
> huge dependency-graphs, and you always end up having a lot of both
> after you have installed enough programs. There are efforts to
> minimize this gap such as gtk-qt-engine and the desktop.org project,
> but I want to further work on finding a desktop that is neither KDE or
> Gnome, but its own kind of desktop. ROX desktop might be an
> alternative, but I haven't tried it yet. Are there other nice
> desktops? I do use the terminal a lot, but I am not looking for one of
> those terminal-centric desktops.

I'm using ROX and I love it. Try it out!

> The second thing is related; I want to work towards creating an Audio
> Distro by collecting a lot of music creation packages, put them
> together in a desktop as the one mentioned above, and configure it
> properly and make sure the software interoperates properly. There are
> a lot of projects that has come and gone over the years, and I think I
> can use this to properly assess the state of audio on Linux by testing
> if they work in the preferred audio environment.


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