[gobolinux-users] Recipe question and PrepareProgram question

V mkdm_2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 12 07:40:45 UTC 2006


1.  Can we add an option to the recipes to use a
local-file for the source of a program?  

i.e.  localfile='/path/to/myprogram.zip'

so when Compile is run, it just unpacks myprogram.zip
into /Files/Compile/Sources , enters the folder and
compiles it?

Since "the Internet" isn't always up, if one has a
local copy of the source, it would be nice if Compile
could use it.  It would be nice for a lot of other
reasons as well.

2.  I'm trying to use PrepareProgram to manually
compile a program since I can't do the above.

When I run PrepareProgram Test 0.12 , it invokes the
configure script but it *DOES NOT* create the
folder(s) in /Programs (i.e. /Programs/Test is not

I'm using PrepareProgram 2.4.0 .

Since PrepareProgram doesn't manually do what I need,
SandboxInstall fails...


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