[gobolinux-users] Having trouble with software upgrades/installations

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Mon Dec 25 14:12:48 UTC 2006

On 12/25/06, Travis Evans <travisgevans at cox.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 24 December 2006 15:54, Lucas C. Villa Real wrote:
> > It might be due to left-over files somewhere outside /Programs. You
> > can just check if that's the problem by running the same command with
> > the environment variable NO_UNIONFS set (export NO_UNIONFS=true)
> Okay, I'll have to try that next time it happens.
> I do remember seeing messages about leftover files--like for compiling
> KDE-Libs, it
> listed /Programs, /Programs/CUPS, /Programs/CUPS/1.2.7, ...,
> /Programs/CUPS/1.2.7/Shared/model/postscript.ppd.gz, before saying it
> failed.
> What exactly is meant by leftover files?

They are files copied outside /Programs/Foo/Version, such as
installers touching files at /etc, /var, and so on. These are catched
by the unionfs sandbox and reported as "left overs".

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