[gobolinux-users] The hungarian GoboLinux forum is converted to SMF

Viola Zoltán violazoli at gmail.com
Mon Dec 25 20:25:26 UTC 2006

Dear Gobo-users and developers, the hungarian GoboLinux forum from the old
URL: http://linux.birodalom.net/gobophpbb is moved to new URL:
http://linux.birodalom.net/smf but the forum's database live under the smf.
So the forum is converted from phpBB to SMF. Please change the forum's link
in the Gobo's homepage!

Happy Xmas and NewYear!


Honlapom: http://poliverzum.birodalom.net/powi
A #86-os sorszámú hivatalosan bejegyzett GoboLinux felhasználó
The #86 official GoboLinux-user

A GoboLinux felhasználók hivatalos magyar fóruma:
The official forum for the hungarian GoboLinux-users:
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