[gobolinux-users] Not shutting down cleanly

Travis Evans travisgevans at cox.net
Wed Dec 27 17:47:36 UTC 2006

I just discovered that my installed GoboLinux system is not always going 
through the proper shutdown procedure when I tell it to reboot.  If I 
press Ctrl+Alt+Del or issue "sudo shutdown -r now", it reboots properly 
(showing the GoboLinux logo and stopping services), but if I 
issue "sudo reboot", or (worse yet) end my KDE session and 
choose "Restart computer" as a *regular* user, the system kills X, then 
reboots *immediately*--and then the file systems have to be recovered 
on the next boot.

Anyone know why?  I didn't see any aliases or anything that might be 
causing the "reboot" command to not go through the proper procedure.

Travis Evans

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