[gobolinux-users] I'm new; Don't hurt me ;)

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 28 04:11:50 UTC 2006

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your quick responce!

On Wed, 27 Dec 2006, Andy Feldman wrote:

> > - Updating
> If you like everything being up to date or cutting edge, you'll enjoy
> not having to wait for a new version to appear in the central package
> manager database: you can Compile it yourself, and because the
> filesystem is the package manager, it won't "fall through the cracks"
> and/or be treated as a second-class citizen as far as management and
> dependency resolution. I don't know if that's a problem when you
> compile apps yourself outside of portage (since I've never used
> Gentoo), but it's what drove me away from the Debian family.
> ...
> Assuming the compile works fine, you can then contribute the recipe
> that NewVersion generated, so that the next time someone types
> "Compile gaim" it defaults to the latest version.

This sounds real cool. I'm porting my Gentoo systems now to this paludis
because I like the portage infrastructure. If 'Compile' with its recipies
sounds as good as it does (it sounds very much as I would like it on a
desktop) I'm definately thinking to switch.

But what do you do with packages that are know to not work (like the
package masking in portage). Or certain versions work on certain platforms
etc.? Or have dependancies?

> > I dislike:
> > - Bad management utilities
> Who *does* like bad management utilities? :-) You'll have to be a bit
> more specific! For example, the gobo system utilities are very
> command-line centric. There is a GUI frontend to them, but I find it
> to be slightly unreliable and harder to use than the good old CLI. If
> you dislike being "forced" to open terminals periodically, you might
> consider that a "bad" set of utilities.

I like terminals too. But I consider stuff as apt bad because I have no
clue how I get it running. I find 'Software-Update' bad (OSX) because you
can UPDATE but you can't remove the update.

> > - Slow managment utilities
> I can't really comment on this one, since it's a purely comparative
> measure and I don't have enough experience with a variety of distros.
> Not having a central package database involves some time/space
> tradeoffs, but I haven't had a problem with the speed of any of the
> System scripts.

Lets say I was sick of the python speed of portage...

> GoboLinux 013 is a LiveCD, so you can always just try it out and get a
> feel for what it's like to install programs (although it obviously
> won't be as fast as running from the HD) and what the filesystem
> hierarchy looks like. The LiveCD does have a few quirks and bugs but
> it should give you a good idea.

I downloaded (and burned it) so I'll give it a shot on a laptop I should
have installed a long time ago...


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