[gobolinux-users] cciss_ioctl.h?

Travis Evans travisgevans at cox.net
Sat Dec 30 20:19:51 UTC 2006

On Saturday 30 December 2006 12:28, Travis Evans wrote:

> I have headers in /Programs/Linux-Headers/Current, but there is no
> cciss_ioctl.h anywhere on the system.  Why is this file missing?  Am
> I supposed to get it from somewhere?
> It seems that CCISS is some kind of RAID controller, but I'm not even
> using RAID.  Is this even necessary?  (I couldn't find any configure
> options to disable the support.)  I'm rather confused.

I found a binary package of SMARTMonTools on that link that Jonas gave 
me in the last thread, and it works, so I'll use that.  I'd still like 
to know about this build error if anyone knows, though, in case I (or 
someone else) encounters it again.

Travis Evans

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