[gobolinux-users] Idea: Auto-Update from fresh sources

teique teique at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 22:03:50 UTC 2006

I just thought this, a software or a bunch of scripts, integrated with 
GoboLinux "way of life" of course, to do this:

Auto-Download (low bandwidth usage):
..packages from SVN like sources from time to time, once a month, or 
from released packages with named versions (those links will have to be 
pre-configured some-way...).
With an adaptable bandwidth if possible, the same way we find at 
well-get from Window$ that checks if its download wont mess with other 
downloads/connections so u can play online and download ur stuff fast 
bla bla bla :)
Downloads can go at same time of Auto-Compilation to not "loose" time..

Auto-Compile (always issuing "nice -n 19 make" to not mess with our 
normal computer usage):
..that try to use a set of ./configure options available at latest 
GoboLinux package recipe, or (at failure that should be logged) the 
minimum that CompileProgram (as I remember) does set, mainly "--prefix"...
Btw, as we can shutdown machine at any time, a log file will handle 
current job resume.

Ask to install (A GUI interface made with Glade3 to easy support):
After compilation, a list of compiled packages/dependencies will be 
available to user choose what to install as gobo (root), and make 
available also an easy way to revert to previous installed version (that 
wont be removed unless asked so).

This remembers something like auto-update but with fresh latest 
development code.

A sub-idea here is to "take a snap shot" of the current "system 
configuration", I mean what is installed, what versions of each 
packages/programs are simultaneously installed, so the system is working 
well with those set of packages, and on problems u can revert to that 
set of versions on a "click", +- like window$ restore its previous not 
crazy state hehe.


Use the 90% time our (mine at least...) CPUs and internet connection (I 
believe most ppl pay a fixed ammount per month no matter how much we use 
it) stay iddle while we type texts, play games, read emails, look how 
wxSand (check my mod heh 
evolves XD...

I always thought my computer should be automagically (u understood the 
magic part here right? :)) doing stuff to me, to easy my time, to make 
me loose less time with obvious automaticable stuff I could be avoiding 
loosing time with, and I think this could be a cool thing to help on 
that XD.

Why I dont start such project then?

well.. heh... does anyone know about something similar to what I've just 
described, that is already being implemented somewhere, and could work 
with GoboLinux, at 1st?

I may, when I get inspired and energetic XD (could even be today, I 
never know XD), prepare a simple prototype to do like that... I cant 
really say "when" :)

To anyone who likes the idea, suggestions are welcome :)

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