[gobolinux-users] Idea: Auto-Update from fresh sources

teique teique at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 03:05:54 UTC 2006

If I remember well, there is some scripts that can perform the GoboLinux 
distro update (all packages) based on pre-compiled packages or even 
recipes right? Or it is still being implemented?
mmm... the recipes can be setup to point to SVN links AFAIK!
I c now a big problem here, new releases can depend on new packages and 
that to work properly must be configured by hand, as I think a 
dependencies recognizer/downloader could be a mess on guessing/finding 
packages based on missing libraries file names (well, rpmfind.net could 
help a bit...)
Anyway, a "Compile Package-SVN" could perform like a fresh update 
everytime it is equally (commandline) re-run, thats an idea that can 
work with "nice -n 19" :) (another problem here is that newer versions 
may come incompatible with older ./configure options...)

I just think like FireFox does (it grabs updates and we dont even 
perceive the update has been downloaded), the big point is: prepare 
stuff for us w/o messing with our work, our "need of speed", our 
download bandwidth, our 3D application (could it be a game? XD) etc.

Someone may feel it looks like to be in less control of the system 
packages upgrade, but the installation would not be automatic, only the 
preparation to installation would be.
So u just need to install the package one time and forget cuz such 
application would look at the whole /Programs tree.
 From time to time you would get just a message saying something like:
'Next package "release" installation is fully (dependencies) prepared. 
Try this reversible setup now?'

I still like the idea, but I still dont like the problems it would have 
to face ^^

kenneth marken wrote:
> so what your asking for basically is a cron job that at a set interval 
> runs a distro update check and download?
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