[gobolinux-users] Re: Scripts 2.2.3, Compile 1.4.2

Rafael Guterres Jeffman rafael at tteng.com.br
Mon Mar 6 18:26:01 GMT 2006

Hisham Muhammad wrote:
> (Rafael, please doublecheck your Gnupg and let me know, thanks.)

With "InstallPackage GnuPG", the recipe for 1.9.15 is installed.

As Carlo pointed out, 1.9.x is development branch for 2.0, as such, the 
binary changed to gpgv2.

IMHO, we should check for both files and use the "stable" one for now. 
If nothing has changed, we used to use only stable branches on the ISO, 
unless the author of the software explicitly says otherwise (like 
security patches only on development branches).

Does that make sense?

-- Rafael

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