[gobolinux-users] New hard drive

Dan theyranos at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 22:27:00 GMT 2006

I've added a new hard drive because I was starting to run out of  
space. I've installed the new drive in place of the one that had my / 
Users folder, and moved the mountpoints for /Users and /Depot on to  
the new drive. Now, I'd like to move the mountpoint for / form hda3  
to hda4.

To do this, I booted to a framebuffer console and did this:
mkreiserfs /dev/hda4
mkdir /tmp/hda3
mkdir /tmp/hda4
mount /dev/hda3 hda3
mount /dev/hda4 hda4
cp -pvr /tmp/hda3/* /tmp/hda4

Then, I edited menu.lst and fstab, changing all references to hda3 to  
hda4. Shortly after mounting the root filesystem as read only, the  
system kernel panics with a message about being unable to find an  
initial terminal. I suspect that this is a result of the fact that  
none of the files that were gobohidden got copied, including the  
symlinks to /sbin /bin /dev and others, which I suspect are fairly  

The system can still boot (I'm using it right now) but only if I  
change the menu.lst entry back to hda3

How can I do this such that the hidden stuff gets copied as well so I  
can still boot? Or do I have to boot to knoppix for that?

And, another, possibly-related issue is that when my system is  
booted,  I have 54 lines in mtab that say "none on /System/Kernel/ 
Devices/pts type devpts (rw)"


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