[gobolinux-users] Compiling Glibc 2.5

Paul Dann giddie at christian.net
Wed Nov 1 23:42:29 UTC 2006

  Thanks for the feedback on this guys.  Lucas, I take it ChrootCompile
is a script in development?  I'm guessing it's something to do with
isolating the build even further from the live system?  Anyway, I
fortunately managed to get Glibc 2.5 to build already, with a bit of
tweaking, and Samba compiled happily and is working perfectly.

  I don't remember the exact instructions I used, but I remember the
rough procedure.  If anyone else wants to try compile Glibc, the
procedure I used, as far as I recall, is the following:

>From a clean 013rc3 minimal install:

Compile Glibc 2.5, follow all prompts
It will eventually crash reporting missing configuration files for ldconfig.
SymlinkProgram Glibc 2.4 (because Current->2.5 already!)
(at this point I think the Settings directory is a symlink to
/Programs/Glibc/2.5/Resources/Defaults/Settings, but we want the
original back in place:)
rm /Programs/Glibc/Settings
mv /Programs/Glibc/Settings.hold /Programs/Glibc/Settings
ldconfig (I wanted to be on the safe side --- this could well be pointless)
something very much like cp -P /Programs/Glibc/Settings/* to
(I don't remember the exact directories)
Compile Glibc 2.5, keep current version, use existing source
It will eventually crash with segfaults.
Symlink Glibc 2.5
ldconfig (see above)

I think that's it, as far as I recall.
I hope this might help someone who's struggling.


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