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Vojta Grec gobo at morha.com
Thu Nov 2 22:50:53 UTC 2006

Hi Paul,
I read the Gobo ML for quite some time and don't know about any AMD64
progress now. But why am I writing: I have an x86_64 machine and like
GoboLinux, so if you start some 64bit thingies, I could join you (I've
posted twice about my effort to run Gobo on my i586 notebook but I finally
gave up (at least for now) because the old 011 i386 iso didn't work for me
(the notebook has no cdrom, so I got the disk into other machine and
installed, maybe this is the catch) and I needed the notebook to be operable
in short time). I don't dare to run Gobo as my main OS now because I want to
utilize all the 64bit power;-) but if there is some more support and
coordination from the devs ( f.e. I don't feel like compiling kernel and
glibc every day:-)) and most preferably a way to develop Gobo 64bit port on
top of any other distro (Kubuntu in my case), I should dedicate some of my
spare time to this. Or I could install Gobo i686, but that would mean some
repartitioning and other things that I'm not very fond of.


2006/11/2, Paul Bonser <misterpib at gmail.com>:
> Here's a topic I noticed in the archives, but without any recent
> discussion.
> What is the current status of AMD64 development? Is there anyone
> currently working on it? If not, would you like someone to be
> currently working on it? And finally, if someone was working on it,
> would there then be incentive enough to have a binary package store
> like there is for i686?
> I could potentially talk to the guys at the Open Source Lab here at
> Oregon State and see if I could get hosting for the package repo
> there, as well. They already host mirrors for a number of other
> distros, including gentoo, debian, ubuntu, and many more, so I imagine
> they'd be open to helping host another.
> Anyway, I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has done any more
> work on AMD64  that I've not seen talked about..
> --
> PaulB
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