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Tyson Whitehead twhitehe at uwo.ca
Fri Nov 3 12:03:19 UTC 2006

On Thu November 2 2006 16:22, Paul Bonser wrote:
> Anyway, I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has done any more
> work on AMD64  that I've not seen talked about..

I compiled up a non-rooted AMD64 and Itanium version in our local cluster back 
in August in order to have a consistent set of tools and glibc version across 
all the machines (specifically GCC, Glibc, Ncurses, Readline, BinUtils, 
Darcs, GHC, GMP, OCaml, and ZLib).

My home is an nfs share, however, so I modified the scripts pretty good in 
order to split stuff out into architecture dependent directories.  I was 
going to post the changed in case anyone was interested, but I'm way behind 
on my thesis deadline, and, shortly after I managed to get everything 
working, the next versions of Scripts came out, so I let it go.

Anyway, it was an interesting little project (that took way longer than I 
every figured it would).  Basically, I added a multiarch switch (-m) to most 
of the scripts that optionally prefixes the binary specific parts with a 
specified directory (defaulting to the standard arch-vendor-os string).

For example, my Programs/Glibc directory tree is:

./2.4/Shared/i18n  [pruned]
./2.4/Shared/locale  [pruned]
./2.4/Shared/zoneinfo  [pruned]
./2.4/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu/libexec  [pruned]
./2.4/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu/lib  [pruned]
./2.4/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu/include  [pruned]
./2.4/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu/libexec  [pruned]
./2.4/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu/lib  [pruned]
./2.4/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu/include  [pruned]

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