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Viola Zoltán violazoli at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 11:07:35 UTC 2006

This is not good funktioniert. (The backspace work not correct, and
have more anothers problem).

In the UhuLinux - http://uhulinux.hu, (downloadable at the following links:

    * ftp://ftp.uhulinux.hu/uhu/2.0/


    * ftp://ftp3.uhulinux.hu/uhu/2.0/
    * ftp://ftp.linuxforum.hu/uhulinux/uhu/2.0/

HTTP (web)

    * http://download.uhulinux.hu/uhu/2.0/


    * ftp://ftp.uhulinux.hu/uhu/2.0/uhu-linux-2.0-cd.iso.torrent
    * ftp://ftp.uhulinux.hu/uhu/2.0/uhu-linux-2.0-dvd.iso.torrent


is full UTF-8 encoding, - under them can I the correct hungarian
characters use, and others, in the directory and file names. But these
UhuLinux distro use patches to the kernel (the patches available in
the Uhu-DVD).

I mean, the following Gobo-release (014...) need full UTF-8 encoding
have,  for the internaliozation. The Gobo is in use by the english,
portuguese, german, russian - and hungarian people. NEED, SHOULD in
Gobo the default UTF-8 !

But when I not use unicode (UTF-8 encoding), the hungarian characters
available in the 852 (central european) codepage (ISO8859-2). How can
I config the system to the 8859-2 codepage, while I get the 014
release with the UTF-8 encoding?


2006/11/4, MJ Ray <mjr at phonecoop.coop>:
> Zoli asked:
> > have I only a "?", and not the correct "ő" and "ű" characters. [...]
> > What should I now?
> IIRC, I set "export LANG=eo.UTF-8" in the boot scripts and the X init
> scripts, but you also need to run unicode_start on the consoles.  The
> other problem with X and terminals is using a font which has all the
> characters you need.  I think I'm doing something like
> http://www.bertilow.com/komputo/linukso.html
> Anyone got tips for a good UTF-8-aware console editor?  I can't seem to
> make Emacs work and I hate Vim.
> Good luck!
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