[gobolinux-users] Pleases

Viola Zoltán violazoli at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 22:38:11 UTC 2006

Dear Gobo-users,

I want in the future, make a "hungarian GoboLinux edition" for the
hungarian Gobo-users. But I am a beginner in the Linux, and need a
litle Help to them.

In the hungarian edition I want the following changes:

- hungarian OpenOffice package. These Ooo package is 100% complet,
created by I, and work perfect.
- hungarian Firefox 2.0, that's complet, too.

- but I want the hungarian KDE-I18N-hu package, but I compiled this,
but in the KDE menu I not find the hungarian language!
- and it is me a big problem, in the consoles and virtual terminals I
see '?' characters, and not the correct "ő" and "ű" characters! The
hungarian characters is in the 852 (central european) codepage, and in
the ISO-8859-2 codepage, but I not know, how can I configure the
consoles and terminals, to these characters, fonts, and hungarian
keyboards. (I have 105 keys keyboard, and these keyboard is in the
"default" in Hungary). But I mean, the keyboard-configure is good - in
OpenOffice it work correct.

The "unicode_start" is not enough. The backspace work not correct, and
so I have a more error. In Hungary is a distro, named "UHU"
(http://uhulinux.hu , the link to the ISO:
ftp://ftp.uhulinux.hu/ISO/uhu-linux-2.0-dvd.iso ), and in these distro
is full UTF-8 encoding, but to the UTF-8 encoding the UHU use a few
kernel-patches, the patches are in the ISO.

I wrote, I am a beginner, - please if you have time to this help,
write me step-by step, what should I write and in which script, to do
the consoles and terminals give me hungarian characters! And the KDE
in hungarian...

And, if it is possible, I want the numlock=on already in the login!

Thanks for you.


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