[gobolinux-users] Perl module problems

Paul Dann giddie at christian.net
Wed Nov 8 12:57:00 UTC 2006

Hello again everyone,

  I've been trying to get BackupPC to work for a while now, and have
overcome numerous problems and learned a lot, but now I've come across a
very interesting one, and I think I've found a problem with Perl module
installation on Gobolinux.  I may be mistaken, but as far as I can tell,
when a perl module is installed, an entry is added to:


  The problem is, whenever I use Compile to compile a new perl module, a
brand new perllocal.pod is Symlinked from the new module's lib/perl5/...
instead of the original being modified.  This of course means that only
one perl module is registered at a time...

  The problem is apparent even on the 013 LiveCD.  Check the link for
/System/Links/Libraries/perl5 on the LiveCD (in Gobolinux-rest.squashfs)
and you will see it points to Perl-XML-Parser instead of Perl.

Have I:

1) asked a stupid question?
2) lost it?
3) got a point?

Thanks for any advice,

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