[gobolinux-users] It is succeeded me, make the KDE for hungarian!

Andy Feldman nereusren at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 13:51:14 UTC 2006

Glad to see you got it working!

If you ever need to "manually" make a Programs entry again in the
future, there is a time-saving shortcut you can use. For example, to
install "MyApp" version 3.0, I would type:

PrepareProgram --tree MyApp 3.0 #The --tree option (or -t for short)
creates an empty /Programs directory tree for that app, including
Shared and a symlink to share.
#Then, move the files into the right directories under
/Programs/MyApp/3.0 and run:
SymlinkProgram MyApp 3.0 #This sets up the Current symlink, and gets
rid of any unused subdirectories (e.g. bin, lib, man) that you didn't
put any files into.

You did exactly the right thing to manually install a package, but if
you want, you can take advantage of those scripts that already do a
similar thing!


On 11/8/06, Viola Zoltán <violazoli at gmail.com> wrote:
> I probe make the KDE for hungarian, since for a few days. Now it is
> succeeded me!
> First, I probe the Compile kde-i18n-hu, but I see, the FTP server of
> KDE-site not work.
> It is not a problem.
> I have the Install DVD of the hungarian UHU-Linux distro.
> I peek this DVD into the driver, and copy from the UHU-package all
> files. In the package are the files in a /usr/share directory, from
> this I copy the files to my /Programs/KDE-I18N-hu/3.5.3-1.5/Shared.
> After this, I make a
> /Programs/KDE-I18N-hu/3.5.3-1.5/share link, was is a link to the
> /System/Links/Shared,
> and
> /Programs/KDE-I18N-hu/Current link to 3.5.3-1.5, and after this I type
> SymlinkProgram KDE-I18N-hu
> And after this process I set in the KDE Control Center the hungarian
> language, and reboot.
> And after the startup my KDE is in the hungarian language!
> I am a happy. And Gobo is very COOL!
> Zoli

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