[gobolinux-users] The package for hungarian OpenOffice2.0.4

Jonas Karlsson jonka750 at student.liu.se
Mon Nov 13 14:34:23 UTC 2006

2006/11/13, Viola Zoltán <violazoli at gmail.com>:
> The hungarian OpenOffice--2.0.4--i686_HU.tar.bz2 package is available!
> Downloadable at:
> http://www.birodalom.net/linux/gobocsomagok/openoffice/openoffice--2.0.4--i686_hu.tar.bz2
> http://www.birodalom.net/linux/gobocsomagok/openoffice/openoffice--2.0.4--i686_hu.md5
> In the install process this write "Invalid signature" error, but this
> is not a problem.
Why does it complain about a signature? I assume you don't have singed
the package before creating it. I really recommend that you do sign it
and repackage it. If it isn't signed because you don't have a gpg key
to sign with, I suggest you get one.
First you need gnupg. Install it with 'Compile gnupg 1.4.5' or use the
package (that I've created) in the contribute store 'InstallPackage
(change the mirror to the one closest to you).
Then generate a gpg key by issuing 'gpg --gen-key' (the defaults are ok).
When you have a key, sign the program with 'SignProgram OpenOffice 2.0.4'.

> After the "InstallPackage OpenOffice" you should
> "SymlinkProgram OpenOffice" and
> please make into the /Files/Fonts folder a symlink, named "truetype",
> to the /Files/Fonts/TrueType directory!
Is it a typing error or should the link reside in the same folder,
that is /Files/Fonts/truetype -> /Files/Fonts/TrueType? Isn't it
possible to make the OpenOffice use the capitalized name in that case?

> And use the hungarian OpenOffice... Good luck!
I won't use it (as I'm not hungarian), but thanks for the package! :)


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