[gobolinux-users] upgrade 012 to 013

Michael Homer gobo-users-dufus at wotfun.com
Tue Nov 14 10:24:01 UTC 2006

On 11/14/06, Greg <info at welraeds.be> wrote:
> Well,
> This solution is not acceptable for me. Two reasons for this: ,mv *
> Backup will loose all the ownership on my users files.
> Furthermore, I do not have sufficient disk space to copy everything on a
> separate partition or directory.
mv preserves file ownership and mode, as does cp -a. You could also
use `tar cjf Backup/foo.tar.bz2 *` to compress it and save disk space,
but it'll still be huge (and take an age).

If you use mv you won't have a separate copy, either, because you
moved it all. You'll only have two copies (or rather, and older and
newer version) of packages installed by the installer. You can make
that pretty minimal, so the disk requirements aren't that large.

> Isn't there any other solution?
I think you could do it from a boot CD installing vital packages
manually, and then just installing the rest normally. You'd have to
edit configuration files and such that are external to packages. An
easier way would be to back up user files and reinstall from scratch.
It's not yet an easy task whichever way you do it.

> Lucas C. Villa Real wrote:
> > On 11/13/06, Jonas Karlsson <jonka750 at student.liu.se> wrote:
> >
> >> UpgradeSystem isn't what you're looking for. I'm not at my system
> >> right now so I can't check, but I think it was used to upgrade between
> >> 010 and 011 or similar. There's no script to do a system upgrade from
> >> 012 to 013, but otoh it can be used only using normal GoboLinux
> >> scripts, like Compile and InstallPackage. I'm still on 012 and haven't
> >> tried to upgrade yet (haven't had the time) so I don't know what has
> >> to be done to get a complete 013 system. Perhaps someone else could
> >> tell?
> >>
> >
> > I've done my upgrade in another way at home. Booted with the LiveCD,
> > mounted my target partition and moved everything from the root
> > filesystem into a directory called 'Backup' (cd /Mount/GoboLinux;
> > mkdir Backup; mv * Backup).
> >
> > After unmounting the partition, started the Installer, making sure
> > that the 'format partition' checkbox was NOT selected. After the
> > system's installation was complete, it was just a matter of slowly
> > moving ancient packages to /Programs and doing a SymlinkProgram.
> >
> >
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