[gobolinux-users] General admin questions

Sean Russell gobo at ser1.net
Wed Nov 15 20:18:03 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 10:30, Jonas Karlsson wrote:
> Then feel free to ask here :)

Thanks for responding.

> > 1) I have an IPW2200 chip, and the Gobo kernel is compiled with the
> There's a package for this in the contrib store:
> http://gobo.calica.com/packages/contrib/IPW2200-Firmware--3.0--i686.t
>ar.bz2 Just install that and it will work. I too use the ipw2200 chip.

Ok.  So... how do I find these?  I'm pretty sure that I tried Compile 
and InstallPackage, but I may not have.  In any case, what's the 
correct way to find packages and recipes?  I tried "FindPackage IPW", 
which returned no results.  For that matter, "FindPackage --type=recipe 
KDE" also returns no results.  Do I need to initialize a cache or 

> Why do you want to break the kernel compilation? 'Compile linux' does
> everything that needs to be done including installing the kernel and
> replacing the old kernel symlink, so grub will select it next boot.

Well, I want to bring over a kernel configuration from Gentoo and use 
that instead.  This is an edge case.  And what happens to the kernel 
sources after the install?  Are they removed?

> > 3) Where's software suspend?  The 2.6 kernel comes with a native
>  From menuconfig (did you know you could type / in menuconfig and
> search for for example 'software'?):

Yeah.  I did a grep for SUSPEND in the Gobo .config, and there were no 
software suspend matches.  My problem was that the Gobo config enables 
SMP by default.  Which is why I was better off pulling my .config over 
from Gentoo :-)

> Look under "System Management" on the wiki:
> http://gobo.kundor.org/wiki/GoboLinux_Documentation_Project

I got distracted by the "Utility Scripts" link that goes nowhere.  I 
didn't see the management page.  Thanks.

> Look for the section "Boot Scripts" in the above link.

Again, thanks.

> > Entirely unrelated, has anybody looked at Debians event-based init
> > system, Upstart?  If there's no current effort being made to port
> I've thought about it (isn't it ubuntu's, not debian's, init system?)
> but don't have the time in the near future to look into it. I don't
> think anyone else has either, so feel free to look at it.

Yes, you're right, it is Ubuntu.  Which -- in my mind -- is Debian;  I 
tend to mentally group distributions by their package management 

> > Confidentiality Notice
> Please remove such footers when posting to a public list. As it's
> intended for the public it really does not matter (as it really meant
> anything anyway?).

I can't.  The mail server appends them; I have no control over it.

--- SER

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