[gobolinux-users] amd64

Hisham Muhammad hisham.hm at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 21:40:33 UTC 2006

On 11/3/06, Tyson Whitehead <twhitehe at uwo.ca> wrote:
> On Thu November 2 2006 16:22, Paul Bonser wrote:
> > Anyway, I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has done any more
> > work on AMD64  that I've not seen talked about..
> I compiled up a non-rooted AMD64 and Itanium version in our local cluster
> back
> in August in order to have a consistent set of tools and glibc version
> across
> all the machines (specifically GCC, Glibc, Ncurses, Readline, BinUtils,
> Darcs, GHC, GMP, OCaml, and ZLib).

Wow, now that's a cool use of Rootless! :)

> My home is an nfs share, however, so I modified the scripts pretty good in
> order to split stuff out into architecture dependent directories.  I was
> going to post the changed in case anyone was interested, but I'm way behind
> on my thesis deadline, and, shortly after I managed to get everything
> working, the next versions of Scripts came out, so I let it go.
> Anyway, it was an interesting little project (that took way longer than I
> every figured it would).  Basically, I added a multiarch switch (-m) to most
> of the scripts that optionally prefixes the binary specific parts with a
> specified directory (defaulting to the standard arch-vendor-os string).

I wonder if configuring one rootless environment for each architecture
wouldn't be simpler. (There may be some detail relative to paths that
I may be missing out.)

> For example, my Programs/Glibc directory tree is:
> ./Settings
> ./Settings/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu
> ./Settings/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu
> ./2.4
> ./2.4/Resources
> ./2.4/Resources/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu
> ./2.4/Resources/Defaults
> ./2.4/Resources/Defaults/Settings
> ./2.4/Resources/Defaults/Settings/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu
> ./2.4/Resources/Defaults/Settings/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu
> ./2.4/Resources/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu
> ./2.4/Shared
> ./2.4/Shared/i18n  [pruned]
> ./2.4/Shared/locale  [pruned]
> ./2.4/Shared/zoneinfo  [pruned]
> ./2.4/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu
> ./2.4/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu/bin
> ./2.4/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu/sbin
> ./2.4/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu/libexec  [pruned]
> ./2.4/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu/lib  [pruned]
> ./2.4/ia64-gobo-linux-gnu/include  [pruned]
> ./2.4/info
> ./2.4/doc
> ./2.4/doc/glibc-2.4
> ./2.4/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu
> ./2.4/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu/bin
> ./2.4/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu/sbin
> ./2.4/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu/libexec  [pruned]
> ./2.4/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu/lib  [pruned]
> ./2.4/x86_64-gobo-linux-gnu/include  [pruned]

Impressive, indeed. Kudos. If you ever feel like making diffs out of
those changes, it would be nice to see.

-- Hisham

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