[gobolinux-users] General admin questions

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Fri Nov 17 01:57:11 UTC 2006

On 11/17/06, Sean E. Russell <gobo at ser1.net> wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 November 2006 10:30, Jonas Karlsson wrote:
> > Why do you want to break the kernel compilation? 'Compile linux' does
> > everything that needs to be done including installing the kernel and
> > replacing the old kernel symlink, so grub will select it next boot.
> > 'Compile linux' downloads the sources, unpacks and patches them and then
> > launches 'make menuconfig'. When the user has selected whats needed (or
> It doesn't do that for me.  It just asks me if I want to keep the existing
> config, and no matter what I answer, it launches into compiling the kernel.
> It does not perform a "make menuconfig". Do you have your system set up
> differently than the system provided on the CD?

Does it make a difference if you run 'unalias make' before calling
'Compile Linux'? The problem can also be in your terminal's size,
which must be large enough to fit the menu entries (80x25 is fine).

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