[gobolinux-users] LiveCD proposal: Use a windows folder to store information

Martin Baldan martinobal at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 01:08:47 UTC 2006


Now that it seems safe to write to NTFS, why not do the following with a
gobolinux livecd:

1) When you boot the livecd, it looks for a directory called C:\Program
Files\Gobolinux, or maybe C:\Documents and
Settings\Username\Desktop\Gobolinux (it should be fixed, or just a few
options given). If it doesn't find it, it asks you to create it.

2)It creates a Gobolinux filesystem inside this directory, and installs
everything there

3)You can remove the livecd, because the kernel (and more) is in RAM and the
rest in in that directory

4)Next time you reboot, two things may happen:

a) you didnt insert the livecd, and you use windows normally. You can access
your personal files in the gobolinux directory as any other files.
b) You boot from the livecd, it detects the gobolinux directory, checks it
is ok, and then you can remove the livecd and work with gobolinux

The advantages are that you dont have to do any partitioning, and can work
in gobolinux, install programs and everything. The downside is that you
still need the livecd for booting gobolinux (although you can remove it once
booted). This could be fixed by messing with the windows bootloader or
installing grub, but that a step towards a real install, contrary to the
spirit of the livecd (it still may be desirable, since it's safer than

There's a linux distro (topologilinux) which does something similar, but I
think they use a virtual disk image, while I propose using real windows
subdirectories. What do you think?
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