[gobolinux-users] ChrootCompile

Paul Dann giddie at christian.net
Fri Nov 24 11:53:22 UTC 2006

Hi, just a quick question about ChrootCompile,

  I installed GoboLinux using the minimal install option, and as a
result didn't have Xorg or KDE installed.  However, I'm now wanting to
get all that working and having no luck downloading the Xorg binary
package (invalid signature apparently), so I decided to try
ChrootCompiling it (Compile couldn't compile some dependency --- I
forget what, but GCC complained about source syntax errors).  The
problem is that ChrootCompile repeatedly bails out telling me that it's
missing one recipe or another that it needs for Xorg (which I assume is
a meta-recipe).  That's all fine and understandable, but is there some
switch somewhere to make it download missing recipes automatically? 
It's getting pretty tedious using GetRecipe constantly...

Any advice?


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