[gobolinux-users] Gobolinux Tutorial?

Roebe XXX shevegen at linuxmail.org
Fri Nov 24 19:17:37 UTC 2006


  as the question about a "How to use Gobolinux" for a newcomer
  again arised on IRC today, let me askif one of you older guys 
  could find some time to write an official guide how to do 
  things "the gobolinux way". (I think there is a little 
  bit on the Wiki, but I think in this situation it would 
  be better for a more complete guide)

  Something like hishasm's old PDF things about the
  Gobolinux philosoophy! Some is a little outdated 
  maybe, but it was great to read! ;) 

  (And an official tutorial to point newcomers 
  will probably help them get started easier. )

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